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Film production

Film Production - Overview

Congratulations, filmmaker! Your Great Screenplay is written. You've done everything you could think of in the way of preproduction risk management. Now you're ready to start shooting.

You are starting the most exciting, and nerveracking part of being a filmmaker.

On the Set: Learn how to run your filming set in this section including when to shout "Action"!

Directing: Is among the skills you will need to master. There's a lot more to directing a film than meets the eye. This important area of filmmaking is fully covered in this section.

Actors: Can't live with 'em ... can't kill 'em. Getting the Great Performance out of your actors began when you wrote your screenplay, was reinforced during rehearsals and now comes the moment of truth when your actors must come through by creating the Great Movie. There's a lot you can do to make it happen that's covered in this section of the film school.

Lighting: Good set lighting is an art all unto itself. If the lighting is great no one will say so, but your audience will walk out of the theater commenting how good the sound was. Don't try to explain it, use it.

Cinematography is all about creating memorable images that drive your story home. Cinematography is an art and a science that's gets deep into physics. Everything you the filmmaker needs to know is covered in this section.

Sound: Good movie sound is as important as good images. If the sound is great your audience will walk out of the theater commenting on how great the lighting was. The human brain is a mystery. As a filmmaker you just need to understand what works to give your audience an emotional and entertaining show.

Three books that really cover the full range of the film production process are The Filmmaker's Handbook, The Complete Film Production Handbook and Rebel Without a Crew.

The first book covers every detail of the production process from a director's point of view: cameras, tripods, lighting, etc. The second book from a producers point of view: contracts, budgets, crew, casting, paperwork -- for even the biggest production. If you dream of being a real filmmaker you can learn everything in these books.

The third book by contrast is an inspiring story of how someone with no money or contacts was able to pull off a film production on a shoestring and become a major Hollywood player. Ingenuity and persistence are basic skills every low-budget filmmaker has to have.

These three books can teach you everything you need to know about filmmaking and inspire you to get started.

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Happy Filmmaking!

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